What exactly is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Recently, the famous singer Justine Bieber has revealed that he has the symptom of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Scientific defination of ramsay hunt syndrome

Ramsay Hunt syndrome (herpes zoster Oticus) is when a flare of shingles is affecting the facial nerve close to the ear.

The Cause of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

It occurs in those who have had chickenpox. After you've recovered from chickenpox the virus persists in your body and can reactivate in later years.

Signs and symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome

The two primary indications and symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome are observed so far.

A red, painful rash that has fluid-filled blisters that are located in and around the ear.

first symptom of Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Paralysis or facial weakness on the opposite side of the hearing.

Also, there are many signs available.

second symptom of Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Other Signs Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Aural pain, Hearing loss, Ringing in your ear (tinnitus), Dry eyes and dry mouth.

Other Signs of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

It is difficult to close one eye, The sensation of spinning or movement (vertigo)Changes in the perception of taste (or loss) of flavor.

how to overcome Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Consult your physician if have facial paralysis or skin rash that looks like shingles.

complication for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Though the syndrome is temporary, the effect can be permanent. Like: Loss of Hearing or Damage to the eye.

What Justn Bieber
says about the syndrom

This syndrome may cause paralysis of his half face. That's why he wants to take a break till he cures completely. 

prevention: ramsay hunt syndrome

Children are regularly vaccination against chickenpox. This drastically reduces the risk of getting infected. A shingles vaccination for those over 50 is suggested.