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7 Best Online Trading Platforms of 2022

A unique investment experience can help you build a portfolio.

These are the top 7 online trading platforms available in the USA.

7 Best Online Trading Platforms of 2022

Fidelity does not charge account fees for opening a retail brokerage or an IRA account.

That is why we have marked it as no 1 in best online trading platform.

Fidelity - Best Overall


Hands-off investment with cutting-edge technology, qualified financial advisors

The Best trading platform for Hands-Off Investors



If approved, ability to trade in Forex and Bitcoin futures contracts. Advanced stock tracking and analytical tools.

TD Ameritrade


Best Web Platform

Mobile app to trade on the move, custom stock screening and third-party research Portfolio management with annual fees as low at 0.30% of the assets invested.



Best for Beginners

Trades in ETFs, stocks, and options are free of fees. You can invest in foreign markets. There are many research tools.


Best for ETF Trading

Charles Schwab

Trading stocks, ETFs, and options without commissions; Robust trading instruments; Access to cryptocurrency



The Best Mobile Trading App

Vanguard is unique among online trading platforms in that it is owned by its fundholders. Vanguard's profits are used to pay lower fees for their funds.



best for its low cost maintenance

Other than these best 7, there are many online trading platforms available. You can check out them as well. But first compare with these 7 and decide.

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