Marion Barber III, one of the most fierce running backs ever to play for the Cowboys was pronounced dead on Wednesday, 1st June 2022.

Marion Barber III,  who was 38 years old, played six seasons over the course of eight years with the Cowboys.

Marion Barber was an old-fashioned hard-nosed footballer who was determined to win every time. Reason of gaining fans a lot.

He was passionate about football and admiration for his coaches as well as his teammates. Loved by most.

Marion Barber was a mere 42 career starts and played mostly a two-back formation throughout his career.

Marion Barber ended his career with Chicago Bears in 2011. Barber retired from the NFL before the start of the 2012 season.

Marion Barber's passing is not the latest in the Cowboys family. There are many other than him from the same club.

In a statement, the Dallas Cowboys expressed their sorrow and condolences to Barber's friends and family.

The Dallas Cowboys Condolences To Marion Barber's Family

Based on reports Frisco Police found Marion Barber III passed away at home/apartment in Frisco, Texas on Wednesday.

There could be many rumors but the cause of the former Cowboys RB Marion Barber's death was not clear at the moment he died.

But recently police said that, former Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears running back Marion Barber III died of heat stroke.