The Best Platform To Make Money Online Without Investment

The Best Platform To Make Money Online Without Investment

Make money online without investment is like an unrealistic story. But it is an art and profession too. Are you ambitious, creating such a professional story? Are you ambitious to make money online? Are you confused about where to start? If so, here are the answers.

    Introduction to the Make Money Online

    This post for those who are completely fresh on this subject How to make money online. This is a similar topic to How to make money on the Internet. Or you may consider as How to make money from home.

    Introduction to the Make Money Online

    Presuming you are fresh and want to experience this, but without investing anything. Yes, it’s true. For this, you need not invest anything depending on your niche.  The only thing you have to invest here is your time and effort. Make money online never been easy stuff for anybody. To get success needs a lot of time, patience, dedication, and passion. As you don’t need to invest anything, you must have a lot of patience to keep continue your work. Such a platform is YouTube. You don’t need a website to tell your story or show your creativity. You just need to be creative to establish something of your own. That’s it, it is simple. If you are ready now, let’s move to the next step.

    Get Ready – Selecting a Niche to start to make money online

    Selecting a Niche to start to make money online

    First, you need to identify yourself, what quality you have to show others.  Choose a niche or topic on which you can produce periodic videos to showcase others. Like painting, singing, dancing, or anything else. Suppose, you are a painter, you can make a Time-lapse video on your paintings. If you are a dancer, you can create videos of your dance steps or you can show your dancing steps to the other. This is how you can start Dance Teaching YouTube Channel. A Niche can be anything, and your YouTube Channel should be filled with a specific niche. Then only your channel will get attention gradually and earn subscribers as well. Oh yes, whenever you suppose to post videos on YouTube, you need to have a Channel there. Creating a channel on YouTube is not much hazardous. I will write how to create a channel on YouTube in my next post.

    How does it work? How you make money online by doing this?

    After preparing a channel on YouTube, you can start publishing your videos. To start earning from your videos, you need to reach a milestone, i.e. 4000 hours watch time and 1000 Subscribers. Once your channel crosses that milestone, your channel will be eligible to make money. That means you will be able to monetize your videos and start earning. Monetization means you are allowing the advertisers to put their ads on your content.

    It works following a very simple process.

    • Your viewers watch your videos on YouTube;
    • Advertiser shows their advertisements on your videos;
    • YouTube claims revenue for letting their platform use;
    • Out of that revenue, YouTube shares 55% with you for sharing your valuable contents;
    • The remaining 45% of the total revenue remains with YouTube for using their Platform.
    • YouTube releases your payments on the 21st of every month;
    • That payment goes to your Adsense account.

    What is Google Adsense Account?

    What is Google Adsense Account?

    AdSense is an account where content creators get the earning from monetization. You will be getting the earning of your YouTube channel into your Adsense account each month. You have to set your AdSense account for this. I will share a post about how to create an AdSense account and link YouTube channel. Yes, to get the earning from YouTube you have to link your YouTube Channel with your Adsense account. Normally YouTube pays in Dollars to your Adsense account. So, to get that amount in your bank you have to link your Bank Account details with your Adsense account. Better I will write and publish a post on Adsense account. This is how your journey starts towards making money online without investment.

    How much one can make money from YouTube?

    How much one can make money online from YouTube


    Suppose your channel got the eligibility for monetization. Now let’s take an example of earning. Suppose, your channel is getting 10 k views per day on average. Let assume out of 10 K views, 7000 times only the advertisement was shown on your videos.  Probably you will be able to get earning between $7 to $30. Earning depends on 3 key factors.

    • Viewers Region: – If your videos watched from the USA, UK, Canada you may get more earning. On the other hand, if your videos watched from Vietnam, Nepal, or Bangladesh, your earnings will be less. 
    • Video Length: – If the video length is more than 8 minutes, you can put multiple advertisement slots on your video.  Then automatically your earning potential on that video will be increased.
    • The Niche of video: – Earning from ads depends on Keywords as well. If your video is about music-type contents, then its earning potential will be less. Cos, many viewers play music on YouTube while they are engaged in other works. If you are teaching or reviewing something in your video, that gets the full attention of viewers. People search that topic to watch and learn, thus they stick in front of the video. These videos get more earning than a music video. Also, keywords like Loan, Insurance, marketing product get higher costly advertisements. Then those niches-based the channel earns more. Thus, such content creators earn huge. That’s why choosing the Niche, topic, and Keywords of a channel and videos matters a lot in its success.

    Initial Capital to start Make Money Online

    Initial Capital to start Make Money Online

    So now let’s talk about the investment. I have already mentioned in the title how to make money online without investment. That means you need not bring a single penny to this platform to make money online. First, you need to have a Gmail Account to open an Adsense Account and YouTube Channel, which is free.  Your “Time” and “Effort” are the major investments here. You need to upload videos regularly, and those videos should be your own content. You can’t use someone’s content on your Channel without permission. You can earn only on your own content. You can’t earn from other’s contents, which are copyrighted. To gain steady growth, you need to publish videos frequently. Irregular uploading of videos on your YouTube channel may not pull back your old viewers and you may lose your growth rhythm. So, to gain sustained growth you have to upload your own quality content regularly.

    Prospect of Making money online using YouTube

    Prospect of Make money online using Youtube

    There are many who lives on the earning of YouTube. Millions of creators are there whose career is YouTube. Many are earning millions and even billions on YouTube. Why not you? Let’s start now. Who knows, you may turn out as the next star on YouTube. Not only YouTube, but you can also literally earn from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media as well. I will slowly publish many such posts.
    Also, you may check out this step-by-step guide program toGet Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter And YouTube“. This is professionally designed and well-proven by many successful entrepreneurs. Just check yourself whether you are fit for this or not. Click on the Picture below.
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    Let’s summarize the points the best platform to make Money Online without investment

    • The best free platform to start making money online is YouTube;
    • Decide a topic or Niche for your Channel;
    • Start creating your own contents and publish them;
    • Once your Channel gets 4k hours of watch time and 1k Subscribers, you will start earning;
    • Link your YouTube account with Google Adsense and Adsense to Bank Account;
    • Earning depends on a) duration of the video, b) viewers’ region, and c) keywords of the video;
    • Channel growth depends on the regularity and consistency of uploading.

    Wishing you the best of luck in your YouTube career.

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