How to Strengthen Immune System | How to Boost Immunity Power

Before jumping into how to boost immunity power, we have to know more about it. Without knowing the basics of the immune system, the process of boosting immunity power will seem to be a meaningless aspect to discuss. So let’s dive in deep…

    Definition of Immunity | What is Immunity?

    Definition of Immunity | What is Immunity

    The immune system is a powerful and complex network of our body. It helps our body fight against unwanted antigens. It identifies foreign invasions, like forming bacteria, viruses, and radicals. And then it destroys those unwanted foreign bodies. In simple language, the immune system is the defensive network system of our body. It is the chief protector of our body against all harmful germs and diseases. Not only the body, but it also helps the mind to become strong. Sometimes the immune system becomes weakened. And it cannot help our body fight against every antigen. If the immune system breakdown or downgrade, the viral illness grows up its strength. Thus, viral fever, flu, or coronavirus type of illnesses increases their supremacy. Parallel, our mind weakens and resulting in that confidence level falls faster.

    Sign of Immunity Disorder | How to know your immunity power is down?

    Symptom of low immune strength

    Feeling fatigued or exhausted

    We often feel exhausted, for no reason. No matter whether we work very hard, we get tired quickly. That is a sign of the weakening of the immune system. Besides that, there are many visible symptoms available about Immunity disorder.


    Allergy sufferers should know this. Because of some immune disorders, allergies cause. Resulting in that itchy, stuffy, or watery nose and eyes.

    Frequent Cough

    Symptom of immunity disorder

    Often facing frequent cough, difficulty breathing, or asthma type problems are also because of immune disorders.

    Excess Diarrhea:

    Some Immune disorders affect the function of the intestine. The intestine loses its proper function ability. Resulting in that diarrhea.

    Reason for Low Immunity Strength

    There are several important aspects of our lifestyle that affect our immune system. Nutrition, exercise, and sleep, these all three together, play a significant role to build immunity strength.

    Lack of sleep

    Many people don’t get enough sleep, experience a lot of stress often. It may be a nasty habit or the usual challenges of their busy life. That means our lifestyle increases anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep.

    Lack of nutrition

    Eating unhealthy foods, junk foods also lead to a weaker immune system. Eating habit also depends on our lifestyle. This is our choice to be selective at the time of eating. We can, be concerned about our diet. We shouldn’t just overlook the matter of selecting healthy food. It is our habit that defines whether we choose nutritious food or pick the tentative junk one.

    Lack of exercise

    Our body, the organs need attention. They need to be taken care of for their existence. Because of our busy lifestyle, we often skip or never include exercise in our daily routine. Proper exercise only can lead all organs to be active. Thus, all the organs work properly and fight against unwanted antigens.

    We can say our lifestyle only answerable to weaken immunity strength. If we change our lifestyle, habits, definitely we can build the best immune system. We can discuss this broadly.

    How to increase Immunity Strength | Boost Immunity Power

    Vise-e-versa, if we follow and do the exact opposite of “Reason of Low Immunity Strength”, we will definitely able to boost our immunity strength. 

    You can boost your immunity strength, by making some adjustments to your lifestyle. Also, adding up some ingredients in your daily routine will help you to build good health and a stress-free, illness-free life.

    Foods to eat to boost your immune strength

    Don’t skip any meal. Eat timely. Add some compulsory foods to your diet and subtract some from your list.

    How to Boost Immunity Power

    Avoid foods rich in cholesterol, like refined sugar and coffee. Sugar increases insulin, which decreases the production of necessary hormones in your body. Include fruits in your diet rich in vitamin “C”. Dark green oranges, lemons, strawberries, and kiwi are loaded with vitamin “C”. Add red color vegetables, Spinach, and broccoli to your diet as well. These all are loaded with vitamin A, C, and antioxidants. These all have high anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-bacterial inflammatory effects.

    Mineral to intake with food to boost immunity power

    Food to strengthen immune system

    Zinc is a wonderful, powerful mineral that helps our body to build protection. Eat peanut, peanut butter, chicken, lamb, or beef, these are rich in zinc. Zinc acts as a catalyst with pathogens and increases the function of white blood cells. White blood cells fight against viruses, bacterias and protect our health. Besides these, fortified cereals, seafood like tuna, salmon fishes, oysters, pork, milk, and yogurt are also rich in zinc, act as homemade immune boosters.

    Liquid to intake to boost the immunity power

    Drink water to boost the immunity power

    Good hydration is the best practice to adopt. Frequent drinking of fresh water should be a habit. Water flushes away all the bacteria, viruses, and other harmful materials from the body. Besides drinking water, homemade soup, green tea, or herbal tea can be the best to boost your immune system. You can follow this recipe “Kadha – Immunity Booster“. It is an herbal tea recipe, suggested by Ayush Mantralaya of the Indian Government. You can watch this video.


    Vitamin in liquid forms absorbed by the body more than the solid form. The body can absorb 98% of the vitamin which comes in liquid form. On the other hand, it’s only able to absorb 5-18% in solid or capsule form. Hence, better before running to the hospital or healthcare, these homemade boosters need to be considered.

    Non-food list to include in your daily lifestyle to boost the immunity power

    Meditation to boost the immunity power

    Further, besides the proper food list, a little bit of adjustment in your lifestyle also can lift your health up. These are the Non-Food immunity booster as well. Resting about 8 hours is a must. Don’t compromise ever about sleep. Start the day with meditation and exercise for half an hour. Walking or jogging can be a good alternative to that. This will help you to start your day with a positive mind. Don’t overwork as well. Automatically, you will be stress-free. Take breaks now and then. Do what you love and enjoy. Thus, negative vibes will stay away.

    Use sanitizer wisely, whenever you are out. It can help you to avoid overexposure to viruses or bacterias.


    All the suggestions are very simple and easy to follow. By maintaining these all in your daily life and lifestyle, you can surely uplift your health condition, and strengthen your immunity system. I know many of you already follow some of the above. Let me know who does or what you skip. By the way, a comment is highly appreciated on the suggestion.

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