The Best Way To Detox Your Liver Naturally | Reverse Your Fatty Liver

Before jumping into the best way to detox your liver naturally, you should know the essential things about liver and its functionality as well. Eventually by adopting this simple easy process and lifestyle, you will be able to reverse your Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver also.

Maybe you heard detoxing liver or about how to naturally detox your liver. Are you suffering from fatigue, tiredness? Regardless of whatever you eat, you still feel dull and sluggish. This is not an uncommon issue for many people to experience. This means your body is experiencing overload and your digestive system is blocked. Also, your natural work process of filtration can’t able to purify the toxins. Thus, it causes you to suffer and makes you feel uneasy.

best way to detox your liver naturally
Best way to detox your liver naturally

Why Detoxing Your Liver is compulsory? Best way to detox your liver naturally

Before getting into the best way to detox your liver naturally, you should know the essential facts. Your body has an extraordinary filter, that is the Liver. It plays a more vital role to run your body nonstop. How often do you change the filter of your liver or detoxify your liver? The answer should be very rarely or never. But, let me ask you other than this topic.

How often do you change the engine oil of your vehicle? There should be a specific rule to change the engine oil. And almost all people do follow the rule of changing engine oil regularly. After running specific kilometers, most of us change the engine oil. And that is also done in a compulsory manner, routine way.

But why you should not be concerned about the liver? Whereas, the liver is taking care of more than 300 functionaries of our body’s system. The most vital one among them is filtering the blood.

Let’s understand how the liver functionaries affect our complete system. Then only applying the best way to detox your liver naturally, you will get best result.

Before that, you need to know, how the liver filters the blood. The liver has two portions to receive the blood supplies. One comes from the heart and lungs. And the other one comes from the intestine and stomach. The blood gets into the liver and goes through the filtering process to purify. How? The liver gets oxygen from the lungs and nutrients from the stomach or intestine. And then the fresh, strong blood comes out from the other end of the liver, with oxygen and nutrition.

Nowadays, we unknowingly intake artificial color,  carbon dioxide, preservatives, nitrates with foods. These unwanted guests stuck onto the red blood cells. Thus, it goes down to nourish your body and absorbed by the cell. As the cell has a respiratory system, it supposed to use oxygen and nutrients to create energy for the cell. But due to those unwanted extra toxins (the food coloring), it creates shade to store that. Overtime, 5 years or more, that shed become larger than the cell’s brain. This is how an autoimmune disease gets birth (Arthritis, Cancer, Allergies, Asthma, etc.).

Also, we inhale or absorb pesticides, polluted air daily. It increases the level of toxins. And even more, it leveled up, by the use of steroids, medications, and unhealthy food choices. The habit of Smoking, over-drinking of alcohol, and not drinking fresh water, speed it up.   The liver works harder to detoxify our bodies and control healthy metabolic activity.  Level of hardness increases, due to taking synthetic, nutritional deficiencies foods, environmental pollution. An adult liver filter 1.4 liters of blood per minute.

Why Detoxing of Your Liver is compulsory?
Why Detoxing of Your Liver is compulsory?

Other than blood purification, the liver has to perform many other important functionaries.

  • Participating in the digestion process;
  • The supreme organ of metabolism;
  • Maintain the balance of electrolyte and fluid;
  • Leader organ for detoxification of pollutants and chemical ingredients in the body;
  • Creates bile;
  • Balance the excess hormones (like estrogen);
  • Participates in an enzyme system;
  • Stores energy in the form of glucose;
  • Store fat-soluble vitamins;
  • Transforms fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble substances, thus they eliminated easily;
  • And many more.

Though the liver is responsible, to do all the things, it is ignored organ most of us. Then why not we should be concerned about the workability of the liver. It is worthy to become concerned about that for longer and healthier life.

When to Detox Your liver? When did it need to cleanse the liver?

How will you know your liver need cleansing. If you are not diagnosed yet with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver, you should know this, when and how you should detox your liver. In fact you should know the easy and Best Way To Detox Your Liver Naturally before the worst thing happen in your life.

You can’t see it, you can’t feel it. You may not even know where it is placed in your body, but throughout the day it is working for your body to function well. As your liver is such an important organ of your body, it is easy to realize when your liver becomes weak from toxins. You will be notified of some symptoms of liver problems, which are quite the same as these all.

Physical symptoms:

  • Bloating and swelling of the abdomen or gaining weight around the abdomen;
  • Food allergies;
  • Skin disorders, Hives, and rashes;
  • Hay fever and Asthma;
  • Getting bad breath in the morning;
  • Feeling cold and flues as the liver is liable for the immune system;
  • Feeling discomfort and tired after eating,
  • Poor digestion;
  • Irritable bowel syndrome;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Jaundice;
  • Kidney problems;
  • Gallbladder disease;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Increases cholesterol level;

Mental symptoms

When to Detox Your liver
  • Loss of concentration and facing memory problems;
  • Depression;
  • Swing mood of depression and increasing anger;
  • Anxiety and frustration grow due to hormonal imbalances;
  • Feeling sluggish and exhausted;
  • Insomnia;
  • Food obesity;
  • Feeling on edge

If you face any of the above symptoms, you should be concerned about your liver for a break. Many of the above symptoms, direct to start maintenance of your liver.

Now I hope, you got the reason why the detoxing of the liver is important and when you start working immediately on the liver.

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The Best Way To Detox Your Liver Naturally? Liver Cleansing Recipe.

How to Detox the liver is the most important question, we have arrived at. Before reaching the Liver Cleansing Recipe, we have to go through some guidelines. Those are common and suggestive by most physicians. That is “A good lifestyle”, which can lead your life to a healthy living, fill with energy and confidence in mind.

But maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard to achieve in this polluted environment. We are living in the era of artificial color, flavor, and preservative. More precisely, we are living and growing with chemicals. This leads to unnecessary intakes of toxins every day, every time we eat foods.

At least, as the first step towards Liver Cleansing Process, we can be more selective in choosing cooking oil. Make sure, your oil is 100% pure. Oil should be EOBBD tested for purity. The full form of EOBBD is “Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined “.

If you get such 100% Pure Essential Oil, then fine, otherwise try to intake food cooked without oil. Even though, this should be your second step to follow. You may find many zero oil recipes browsing on the internet or on YouTube. Such YouTube Channel is The Low Heat and its useful Playlist to follow to learn some zero oil, healthy and tasty recipes.

Now the final step to prepare the Basic Liver Cleansing Recipe.

Ingredients For The Best Way To Detox Your Liver Naturally
Ingredients For The Best Way To Detox Your Liver Naturally

Ingredients For The Best Way To Detox Your Liver Naturally

  1. 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil;
  2. 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil;
  3. 1 Tablespoon Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice.

Process: Best Way To Detox Your Liver Naturally

Very simple. Eat all together at a time. Or add all these in a glass of water. Drink that each morning after you rise, 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything.

It may lead to stomach pain, at the beginning days of application, which means it is started breaking toxins fast. If such things happen, slow down. The next morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice only. Apply essential oils on the bottom of your feet. 2 days later start the same process. You need to continue this process for 28 days and then a break of 7 days. Or you can take that drink for 6 days, and one day off. You may need to continue this liver cleansing process for a year or so, depending on the conditions of the liver.

My personal experience, Suggestion, and Review

I also suffered a lot due to the fatty liver. Felt back pain several times. Gone for the physician consultation. His suggestions were not to eat deep-fried foods. Medication was recommended by the doctor. And to measure the progress, I had to go through several costly tests. Blood tests and USG, were done several times, maintaining a month or two-month gap to measure the progress. The second suggestion was not to consume alcohol, but couldn’t provide any sure-shot diet pack. Progress was near to nothing, in spite of having all medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Once, at the time of USG process, the specialist Doctor of USG, told me not to waste money on these tests every month. Leading a healthy lifestyle only can reverse the fatty liver. Then I started browsing about Fatty Liver and all about this. Finally, I stumbled upon this product which saved my life.

How to overcome Fatty Liver in Just 3 Steps, This is the most easy and simple process to follow and reverse the Fatty Liver. And also you can called it as the best way to detox your liver naturally. Watch the video to know more.

How to overcome Fatty Liver in Just 3 Steps
How to overcome Fatty Liver in Just 3 Steps

These were already proven methods and experienced by many in practice. I was shocked while going through the program. All are natural and homemade. I realized the cause of my liver problem was not what I was drinking; in fact, it was what I was eating. The program was easy and simple to follow.

Finally, I found a reason to celebrate. I can eat selectively and live a long and healthier life.

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