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Lean Belly 3X Full Review - Revealing Actual Truth Must Read Before You Buy - Pros & Cons

Lean Belly 3X Full Review
Fat loss is everyone's wish. But it seems like no one of us is happy enough, even after losing some decent fat or weight. Also, if you don't maintain after even losing fat, you may start gaining. So maintaining diet, doing exercise regularly, all these are really a headache for many of us. There are many ways available in the market to lose weight. Also, various types of strict diet programs. But the easiest way to burn fat and lose weight is through supplements. In this supplement industry, The Lean Belly 3x is the newest and accepted by most grandly. Let's dive in deep to know all about The Lean Belly 3x.

    Lean Belly 3X Full ReviewIntroduction of Lean Belly 3X by Beyond 40

    As the name is defining itself, you probably got my point, what I am supposed to say. This formula is to help you to burn the extra fat off your belly. Normally, if someone starts gaining weight, the belly is the area, where fat starts pumping up first; and then spreads to the surrounding. Hence, it initially targets the belly and the rest to burn the fat. Lean Belly 3X is formulated with main two ingredients. One is Safflower seed oil and the other one is BioPerine. It is the easiest program to follow with a little focus on a healthy lifestyle. Specially designed for the aged person above 40 to lose weight.

    Manufacturer of Lean Belly 3X

    This product is founded by Karen and Shaun Hadsall. Shaun is a 5-time best-selling author, featured on the likes of ESPN, Muscle Media, Oxygen, and New York Times bestsellers list. He is well-known worldwide as a leading provider of health and fitness solutions for the above age of 40. Karen is an expert at cooking and supplementation for men and women over 40. Their brand is "Beyond 40". This brand has an FDA-approved and GMP-certified laboratory in the USA. You may contact them here "Beyond 40, LLC 318 John R Rd #311 Troy, MI 48083-4542". To visit their official site of Lean Belly 3X, you may click on BEYOND 40.

    Lean Belly 3X Full Review

    How does Lean Belly 3X work?

    Lean Belly 3X has an effective, but yet simple formula. At a certain age, our body starts decreasing the power of burning fat. The Lean Belly 3X formula increases insulin power and prevents the body from storing unwanted fat. Thus, consumers don't require to engage in hard work or any type of routine exercise. A little bit of dietary planning with this Lean Belly 3X supplement creates a supreme result.

    The science behind the formula

    • Firstly, The Lean Belly 3X formula plays a vital role to break fat and turn these fats into triglycerides. Triglycerides are carried and spread all over the body through the bloodstream.
    • Secondly, the formula also works on adjusting the insulin level and its potentiality to increase the resistance of the body. In fact, it increases the metabolism of the body. Automatically, when the metabolism increases, the body starts burning more fats. Thus, it helps the body to prevent the storage of excess fat. 
    • And the last, this supplement helps the body to regulate the levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Thus the whole process helps our body to remain lean, fit, and healthy.

    If you have already set your mind to buy the product! Good news! 

    Here you can buy the formula.

    Ingredients of Lean Belly 3X:

    Each capsule contains mainly 2 ingredients.

    Lean Belly 3X Ingredients

    1. 1500mg Safflower seed oil. It carries an effective ingredient called CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). CLA actively performs the two-edged function of increasing muscle tones with reducing body fat. 
    2. 5mg extract of black pepper. Scientifically it is called Bioperine Piper Nigrum. It has lipid and fat-reducing properties. 

    The combination of these two made this formula highly stimulating to burn fat.

    Other than these two prime ingredients, the Lean Belly 3X supplement uses gelatin, glycerine, caramel color, and purified water. 

    Deals & Discount on Lean Belly 3X

    Three options are available to buy the product.

    1 bottle for a month at $59; (Discount of $20)

    3 bottles for the use of three months at $49/bottle (saving of $90);

    6 bottles for 6 months at $39/bottle with a huge saving of $240.


    • A pregnant lady should avoid this.
    • If you are already taking any medication or being treated for any medical condition, please consult with your physician before using Lean Belly 3X supplements.

    Pros and Cons of The Lean Belly 3X


    • Accelerates the weight loss in a healthy manner;
    • Helps fat burning in the right place of the organ;
    • No need for a hard workout;
    • Aside from weight loss, it supports lower cholesterol deposition;
    • Also, it regulates the blood pressure to remain at the proper level;
    • The product contains all-natural ingredients, and no harmful stimulants or gluten exists in The Lean Belly 3X;
    • It has no negative side effect;
    • Aside, supplement, it will provide Health Coaching and a 7-day Meal guide freely;
    • International third-party laboratories have reviewed it positively for its quality and potency;
    • It also GMP Certified;
    • The shelf of the pill has a long life, thus can be stored for many days;
    • Easy to buy only with a huge discount for bulk order;
    • No shipping charges for USA delivery;
    • The vendor is reachable and the customer support is also excellent;
    • A 60-day money-back policy will not let you lose the deal.


    • It is not available in the retail market or on another website;
    • Not suitable for Vegan or Vegetarian;
    • Not suitable for Teenagers or Children below 18;

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What is the best way to use Lean Belly 3X?

    Consume 2 gel capsules with the lunch and dinner. If you forget to take it once, you have to take a double dose (4 gels cap) with the next meal.

    • How many days will last a bottle of Lean Belly 3X? 

    Each bottle contains 30 servings. And it is Sufficient as mentioned in the formula.

    • I have a medical condition, can I consume this?

    You should consult with your physician before using this.

    • Is it safe to use for a pregnant lady? 

    No. Not only this, you shouldn't use any kind of weight loss supplements if you are pregnant.

    • Is it safe to order online? 

    Yes. It is trusted and safe like Amazon.com. The payment method is secured with 256 big ordering servers.

    • What if the product doesn't work for me? 

    The Company has a prompt and courteous refund system. You can claim a refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.


    Beyond 40, the vendor of Lean Belly 3X disclosed everything transparently. Everything is crystal clear to the public on the sale page. If you find the product doesn't suit you after using few days, or you may get any other reaction, you can claim a refund. Hence, you are not going to lose anything in this deal, other than weight. It is not possible for everybody to attain a hard workout after the age of 40. Hence, it is better to grab the deal and give it a try, to live smartly and healthily.

    Lean Belly 3X Full Review Watch the video
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    to know more about Lean Belly 3X

    Affiliate Disclosure:

    The referred links contained in this post may result in a small commission if the reader opts to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost. This can be considered as a support for our research and writings. Also, please remember that we recommend high-quality products only after putting a lot of effort to research.

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    How does snoring affect your relationship | How to encounter it with Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program?

    If you have stumbled here searching the "The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program Review" you may go to that section directly by clicking on the Table of Contents. If you are interested to know why you should find the remedies, you should go through this article thoroughly. In this article, we are going to cover two main aspects. Firstly, why you should be worried about your snoring habit. Secondly, how will you encounter it, and how legit that program is.

      By the way, if you have already decided to buy the stop snoring and sleep apnea program. Then, well, go ahead with this. Be sure that, you are not going to lose anything.

      How does snoring affect your relationship?

      Snoring is a very common problem among people. 45% of the adult population suffers from this common problem. You should know that snoring doesn't affect the snorer directly, but make other life miserable. Automatically its affects the relationship as well. Hence, you can say your snoring habit can trouble you indirectly. Even the strongest relationships can end due to snoring. Many couples have become irritated toward each other because of the hassle affecting thousands of nights. The major cause of irritation, resentment, and frustration in their relationship is lack of sleep. By the way, the cause of lack of sleep is snoring. Let's get in deep and know how the relationships gradually move towards the tragic end.

      How does snoring affect your relationship

      At the very start of their lives, if either one or both having a snoring problem, a silent resentment starts growing between them. The snorer may feel that he/she is being judged or disliked by his/her life partner. On the other hand, the partner of the snorer might also feel that the snorer is not trying anything to stop snoring. Vise-e-versa resentment grows on.


      The result of resentment leveled up after a certain period. It may take 1 or 2 years in a maximum, to make the relationship a little violent. Spats and fights are often shaped to the next level. Actually, as both remain exhausted after a day's work, a normal discussion about snoring leads to fights. 


      Some couples settle down the outcomes of snoring problems by sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms. This may often become the snoring solution, but it causes loneliness. Due to lack of physical intimacy, the relationship starts deteriorating. 

      How does snoring affect your relationship


      Finally, separation comes into their life. But the snoring problem never becomes the cause of File for divorce. Although the snoring problem has been a small factor to start rotting their relationship.

      How to stop snoring immediately before a relationship ends

      It is better to adopt a solution and stop snoring immediately before the relationship worsens. A relationship can be improved by knowing how to stop snoring. It can be a good start to a healthy relationship.

      Identify the cause of snoring

      Before jumping into the solution, you should know the reason for snoring. Identify the cause of snoring might help you out to make a decision.

      • Allergies: If you have allergies, it creates congestion in the nasal muscle area and leads to your snoring. Then you need to take medication and consult with your physician.
      • Overweight: If you have excessive fats around the throat area, these fatty tissues can shrink your air passage, causing you to snore.
      • Smoking: If you have a smoking habit, you should know that smoking can damage the structure of your airway. It makes the tissues swollen and creates congestion in the nasal airway. As the air passes through a congested airway, muscles vibrate and sound.
      • Sleeping Pills: May you are aware that, sleeping pills are muscle relaxants. It causes difficulty in breathing. Sometimes, sleeping pills cause allergies as well.
      • Alcohol: Drinking alcohol leads to muscle relaxation as well. It relaxes the throat muscles and decreases the natural power against airway obstruction. 

      Aside from these general and simple causes, there are many other complex symptoms that exist liable for snoring. One of them is sleep apnea, which is a serious issue of snoring. To know more about such various biological causes you may watch the video at the bottom. It can help you out for sure.

      Natural Remedies to stop snoring immediately
      Natural Remedies to stop snoring immediately

      There are numerous solutions to stop snoring, but most of them are not useful for all. In fact, those costly solutions or techniques are more harmful and safe to avoid. Let’s dive in deep. According to the above general causes, anybody can take some general cautious to avoid snoring. These 6 general guidelines are easy to follow.

      • Lose weight: This will reduce the muscle and tissues in the throat and the nasal area thus, snoring avoids.
      • Treatments of Allergies: It also eliminates the cause of snoring who has the same cause particularly of snoring.
      • Alcohol: You should drink at least 4 hours before bed to avoid snoring.
      • Stop smoking: As much as possible smoking should be stopped if it is your cause of snoring.
      • Avoid sleeping pills: Aside from stop snoring, it is a healthy suggestion to avoid regular sleeping pills.
      • Sleeping on your side: Sleeping on your back sometimes causes blockages in the throat with the tongue thus creates snoring. Hence, do the reverse to stop snoring.

      Medical Treatment to stop snoring immediately

      Besides these general solutions, many other complicated treatments available. Like fitting appliances or surgeries. But these barely solve the issues. Rather, it creates more complications in life. These should be avoided for sure.

      Medical Treatment to stop snoring immediately

      • Oral Appliance: It is dental mouthpieces to fix in the mouth to keep open places to pass the air. But it causes discomfort for some.
      • CPAP: This medical equipment is to wear over the nose. It is a pressurized air mask. It is never a comfortable thing to wear and sleep. It looks horrible.
      • Palatal Implants: This treatment involves a lot of hazards. The process includes injecting braided strands of polyester filament into the palate. It looks harmful, but barely gets the result of stopping snoring.
      • UPPP: This is a type of surgery to tighten throat tissues to reduce snoring.
      • LAUPPP: This is the upper version of UPPP. It is laser-assisted surgery. 
      • Somnoplasty: After failing above all costly surgery, this new treatment arrives. It uses low-intensity radio waves to shrink the tissue of the palate to reduce snoring.

      Decide which one you should follow to get rid of snoring. Easier one or the hazardous one. You may follow these general guidelines which are better than costly and hazardous treatment or appliances.

      The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

      And also, you may add a simple exercise of 5 minutes in your daily life to stop snoring immediately. To know more about these proven techniques click below the button and watch the video. The name of the solution is "The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program".

      Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

    • What is "The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program?" This is a guideline program for simple exercise, particularly to stop snoring and improve sleep apnea issues. This program is designed by Blue Heron Health News for people who are suffering from snoring and sleep apnea issues. This program comes in PDF format. 
    • Does it really work? People use various appliances, like CPAP, UPPP, Patal Implants, etc., which barely work for a lifetime. And even those are not easy to use. Those always create extra discomfort. But exercise which has been demonstrated in the Stop Snoring Sleep Apnea program is easily adoptable by anybody. And the results are proven.
    • How does it work? The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program has categorized snoring into five types and explained the root cause of all. It will help you to identify the exact type of problem you have. And then it will suggest you follow the particular exercise for your type of snoring issue. Thus The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program work and become beneficial for almost with all snorer.
      • Do I need to follow any strict diet? The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program doesn't recommend changing any diet. It only guides you to follow some simple exercise, particularly for your snoring type.
      • For which age this program is suitable? The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program works for all aged people and never suggests doing strenuous workouts. 
      • How to get this?You can order the stop snoring and sleep apnea program by clicking here and after ordering you will get a link to download the PDF file. 
      • How much does it cost? This is cheaper than any treatment. It is available for just $49. You need not pay any recurring fees for this. It is a one-time charge. Also, you don't need any other equipment if you follow this program. 
      • What is the guarantee?This program has 24 exercises, particularly to stop snoring. The author claims that these exercises can directly stop and cure snoring permanently. Thousand of customers across the globe have already tried this program. And more than 90% reported positive changes within a week.
      • What, if it doesn't stand on the expectation? No worries. Your purchase is guarded by a "60-day Money back guarantee". If it is not beneficial for you, you can claim a refund. 

      Review of The stop snoring and sleep apnea program


      It is easy to follow and cure the snoring problem.
      This program fits all ages.
      You don't need to change your diet.
      This program is for a permanent solution.
      It is very cheap than any other treatment.
      Plus, it has no side effects like other treatments.
      Even you can claim a refund if it doesn't work for you.
      It is made in the USA. For any issue, you may contact the publisher here: 1444 S. Entertainment Ave / Suite 410 / Boise ID 83709.


      So far, I didn't find any drawbacks to this program. Because it is guarded by money-back policy also. The buyer is never going to lose anything. In fact, there is a chance to get relief from a disease that he/she is carrying for lifelong.


      Just give it a try. You will get a result within a week to two months. 

      Aren't you excited to get rid of that issue? No more shyness, no feeling of guilt, no embarrassment. Your life partner will not be annoyed with you. Let's take a small step towards the stressless night and start a new life of a healthy relationship.

      Affiliate Disclaimer:

      The referred links contained in this post may result in a small commission if the reader opts to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost. This can be considered as a support for our research and writings. Also, please remember that we recommend high-quality products only after putting a lot of effort to research.

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      How to Strengthen Immune System | How to Boost Immunity Power

      Before jumping into how to boost immunity power, we have to know more about it. Without knowing the basics of the immune system, the process of boosting immunity power will seem to be a meaningless aspect to discuss. So let's dive in deep...

        Definition of Immunity | What is Immunity?

        Definition of Immunity | What is Immunity

        The immune system is a powerful and complex network of our body. It helps our body fight against unwanted antigens. It identifies foreign invasions, like forming bacteria, viruses, and radicals. And then it destroys those unwanted foreign bodies. In simple language, the immune system is the defensive network system of our body. It is the chief protector of our body against all harmful germs and diseases. Not only the body, but it also helps the mind to become strong. Sometimes the immune system becomes weakened. And it cannot help our body fight against every antigen. If the immune system breakdown or downgrade, the viral illness grows up its strength. Thus, viral fever, flu, or coronavirus type of illnesses increases their supremacy. Parallel, our mind weakens and resulting in that confidence level falls faster.

        Sign of Immunity Disorder | How to know your immunity power is down?

        Symptom of low immune strength

        Feeling fatigued or exhausted

        We often feel exhausted, for no reason. No matter whether we work very hard, we get tired quickly. That is a sign of the weakening of the immune system. Besides that, there are many visible symptoms available about Immunity disorder.


        Allergy sufferers should know this. Because of some immune disorders, allergies cause. Resulting in that itchy, stuffy, or watery nose and eyes.

        Frequent Cough

        Symptom of immunity disorder

        Often facing frequent cough, difficulty breathing, or asthma type problems are also because of immune disorders.

        Excess Diarrhea:

        Some Immune disorders affect the function of the intestine. The intestine loses its proper function ability. Resulting in that diarrhea.

        Reason for Low Immunity Strength

        There are several important aspects of our lifestyle that affect our immune system. Nutrition, exercise, and sleep, these all three together, play a significant role to build immunity strength.

        Lack of sleep

        Many people don’t get enough sleep, experience a lot of stress often. It may be a nasty habit or the usual challenges of their busy life. That means our lifestyle increases anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep.

        Lack of nutrition

        Eating unhealthy foods, junk foods also lead to a weaker immune system. Eating habit also depends on our lifestyle. This is our choice to be selective at the time of eating. We can, be concerned about our diet. We shouldn’t just overlook the matter of selecting healthy food. It is our habit that defines whether we choose nutritious food or pick the tentative junk one.

        Lack of exercise

        Our body, the organs need attention. They need to be taken care of for their existence. Because of our busy lifestyle, we often skip or never include exercise in our daily routine. Proper exercise only can lead all organs to be active. Thus, all the organs work properly and fight against unwanted antigens.

        We can say our lifestyle only answerable to weaken immunity strength. If we change our lifestyle, habits, definitely we can build the best immune system. We can discuss this broadly.

        How to increase Immunity Strength | Boost Immunity Power

        Vise-e-versa, if we follow and do the exact opposite of “Reason of Low Immunity Strength”, we will definitely able to boost our immunity strength. 

        You can boost your immunity strength, by making some adjustments to your lifestyle. Also, adding up some ingredients in your daily routine will help you to build good health and a stress-free, illness-free life.

        Foods to eat to boost your immune strength

        Don't skip any meal. Eat timely. Add some compulsory foods to your diet and subtract some from your list.

        How to Boost Immunity Power

        Avoid foods rich in cholesterol, like refined sugar and coffee. Sugar increases insulin, which decreases the production of necessary hormones in your body. Include fruits in your diet rich in vitamin "C". Dark green oranges, lemons, strawberries, and kiwi are loaded with vitamin "C". Add red color vegetables, Spinach, and broccoli to your diet as well. These all are loaded with vitamin A, C, and antioxidants. These all have high anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-bacterial inflammatory effects.

        Mineral to intake with food to boost immunity power

        Food to strengthen immune system

        Zinc is a wonderful, powerful mineral that helps our body to build protection. Eat peanut, peanut butter, chicken, lamb, or beef, these are rich in zinc. Zinc acts as a catalyst with pathogens and increases the function of white blood cells. White blood cells fight against viruses, bacterias and protect our health. Besides these, fortified cereals, seafood like tuna, salmon fishes, oysters, pork, milk, and yogurt are also rich in zinc, act as homemade immune boosters.

        Liquid to intake to boost the immunity power

        Drink water to boost the immunity power

        Good hydration is the best practice to adopt. Frequent drinking of fresh water should be a habit. Water flushes away all the bacteria, viruses, and other harmful materials from the body. Besides drinking water, homemade soup, green tea, or herbal tea can be the best to boost your immune system. You can follow this recipe "Kadha - Immunity Booster". It is an herbal tea recipe, suggested by Ayush Mantralaya of the Indian Government. You can watch this video.


        Vitamin in liquid forms absorbed by the body more than the solid form. The body can absorb 98% of the vitamin which comes in liquid form. On the other hand, it's only able to absorb 5-18% in solid or capsule form. Hence, better before running to the hospital or healthcare, these homemade boosters need to be considered.

        Non-food list to include in your daily lifestyle to boost the immunity power

        Meditation to boost the immunity power

        Further, besides the proper food list, a little bit of adjustment in your lifestyle also can lift your health up. These are the Non-Food immunity booster as well. Resting about 8 hours is a must. Don't compromise ever about sleep. Start the day with meditation and exercise for half an hour. Walking or jogging can be a good alternative to that. This will help you to start your day with a positive mind. Don't overwork as well. Automatically, you will be stress-free. Take breaks now and then. Do what you love and enjoy. Thus, negative vibes will stay away.

        Use sanitizer wisely, whenever you are out. It can help you to avoid overexposure to viruses or bacterias.


        All the suggestions are very simple and easy to follow. By maintaining these all in your daily life and lifestyle, you can surely uplift your health condition, and strengthen your immunity system. I know many of you already follow some of the above. Let me know who does or what you skip. By the way, a comment is highly appreciated on the suggestion.

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        The Best Platform To Make Money Online Without Investment

        The Best Platform To Make Money Online Without Investment

        Make money online without investment is like an unrealistic story. But it is an art and profession too. Are you ambitious, creating such a professional story? Are you ambitious to make money online? Are you confused about where to start? If so, here are the answers.

          Introduction to the Make Money Online

          This post for those who are completely fresh on this subject How to make money online. This is a similar topic to How to make money on the Internet. Or you may consider as How to make money from home.

          Introduction to the Make Money Online

          Presuming you are fresh and want to experience this, but without investing anything. Yes, it’s true. For this, you need not invest anything depending on your niche.  The only thing you have to invest here is your time and effort. Make money online never been easy stuff for anybody. To get success needs a lot of time, patience, dedication, and passion. As you don't need to invest anything, you must have a lot of patience to keep continue your work. Such a platform is YouTube. You don’t need a website to tell your story or show your creativity. You just need to be creative to establish something of your own. That’s it, it is simple. If you are ready now, let’s move to the next step.

          Get Ready - Selecting a Niche to start to make money online

          Selecting a Niche to start to make money online

          First, you need to identify yourself, what quality you have to show others.  Choose a niche or topic on which you can produce periodic videos to showcase others. Like painting, singing, dancing, or anything else. Suppose, you are a painter, you can make a Time-lapse video on your paintings. If you are a dancer, you can create videos of your dance steps or you can show your dancing steps to the other. This is how you can start Dance Teaching YouTube Channel. A Niche can be anything, and your YouTube Channel should be filled with a specific niche. Then only your channel will get attention gradually and earn subscribers as well. Oh yes, whenever you suppose to post videos on YouTube, you need to have a Channel there. Creating a channel on YouTube is not much hazardous. I will write how to create a channel on YouTube in my next post.

          How does it work? How you make money online by doing this?

          After preparing a channel on YouTube, you can start publishing your videos. To start earning from your videos, you need to reach a milestone, i.e. 4000 hours watch time and 1000 Subscribers. Once your channel crosses that milestone, your channel will be eligible to make money. That means you will be able to monetize your videos and start earning. Monetization means you are allowing the advertisers to put their ads on your content.

          It works following a very simple process.

          • Your viewers watch your videos on YouTube;
          • Advertiser shows their advertisements on your videos;
          • YouTube claims revenue for letting their platform use;
          • Out of that revenue, YouTube shares 55% with you for sharing your valuable contents;
          • The remaining 45% of the total revenue remains with YouTube for using their Platform.
          • YouTube releases your payments on the 21st of every month;
          • That payment goes to your Adsense account.

          What is Google Adsense Account?

          What is Google Adsense Account?

          AdSense is an account where content creators get the earning from monetization. You will be getting the earning of your YouTube channel into your Adsense account each month. You have to set your AdSense account for this. I will share a post about how to create an AdSense account and link YouTube channel. Yes, to get the earning from YouTube you have to link your YouTube Channel with your Adsense account. Normally YouTube pays in Dollars to your Adsense account. So, to get that amount in your bank you have to link your Bank Account details with your Adsense account. Better I will write and publish a post on Adsense account. This is how your journey starts towards making money online without investment.

          How much one can make money from YouTube?

          How much one can make money online from YouTube

          Suppose your channel got the eligibility for monetization. Now let’s take an example of earning. Suppose, your channel is getting 10 k views per day on average. Let assume out of 10 K views, 7000 times only the advertisement was shown on your videos.  Probably you will be able to get earning between $7 to $30. Earning depends on 3 key factors.

          • Viewers Region: - If your videos watched from the USA, UK, Canada you may get more earning. On the other hand, if your videos watched from Vietnam, Nepal, or Bangladesh, your earnings will be less. 
          • Video Length: - If the video length is more than 8 minutes, you can put multiple advertisement slots on your video.  Then automatically your earning potential on that video will be increased.
          • The Niche of video: - Earning from ads depends on Keywords as well. If your video is about music-type contents, then its earning potential will be less. Cos, many viewers play music on YouTube while they are engaged in other works. If you are teaching or reviewing something in your video, that gets the full attention of viewers. People search that topic to watch and learn, thus they stick in front of the video. These videos get more earning than a music video. Also, keywords like Loan, Insurance, marketing product get higher costly advertisements. Then those niches-based the channel earns more. Thus, such content creators earn huge. That’s why choosing the Niche, topic, and Keywords of a channel and videos matters a lot in its success.

          Initial Capital to start Make Money Online

          Initial Capital to start Make Money Online

          So now let’s talk about the investment. I have already mentioned in the title how to make money online without investment. That means you need not bring a single penny to this platform to make money online. First, you need to have a Gmail Account to open an Adsense Account and YouTube Channel, which is free.  Your "Time" and "Effort" are the major investments here. You need to upload videos regularly, and those videos should be your own content. You can’t use someone’s content on your Channel without permission. You can earn only on your own content. You can’t earn from other’s contents, which are copyrighted. To gain steady growth, you need to publish videos frequently. Irregular uploading of videos on your YouTube channel may not pull back your old viewers and you may lose your growth rhythm. So, to gain sustained growth you have to upload your own quality content regularly.

          Prospect of Making money online using YouTube

          Prospect of Make money online using Youtube

          There are many who lives on the earning of YouTube. Millions of creators are there whose career is YouTube. Many are earning millions and even billions on YouTube. Why not you? Let’s start now. Who knows, you may turn out as the next star on YouTube. Not only YouTube, but you can also literally earn from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media as well. I will slowly publish many such posts.
          Also, you may check out this step-by-step guide program to "Get Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter And YouTube". This is professionally designed and well-proven by many successful entrepreneurs. Just check yourself whether you are fit for this or not. Click on the Picture below.
          Make money on social media

          Let’s summarize the points the best platform to make Money Online without investment

          • The best free platform to start making money online is YouTube;
          • Decide a topic or Niche for your Channel;
          • Start creating your own contents and publish them;
          • Once your Channel gets 4k hours of watch time and 1k Subscribers, you will start earning;
          • Link your YouTube account with Google Adsense and Adsense to Bank Account;
          • Earning depends on a) duration of the video, b) viewers’ region, and c) keywords of the video;
          • Channel growth depends on the regularity and consistency of uploading.
          Wishing you the best of luck in your YouTube career.

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          Why, When & How to Naturally Detox your Liver | Live A longer and healthier life

          Maybe you heard detoxing liver or about how to naturally detox your liver. Are you suffering from fatigue, tiredness? Regardless of whatever you eat, you still feel dull and sluggish. This is not an uncommon issue for many people to experience. This means your body is experiencing overload and your digestive system is blocked. Also, your natural work process of filtration can't able to purify the toxins. Thus, it causes you to suffer and makes you feel uneasy.

          Why, When & How to Naturally Detox your Liver - Live a longer and healthier life

            Why Detoxing Your Liver is compulsory?

            Your body has an extraordinary filter, that is the Liver. It plays a more vital role to run your body nonstop. How often do you change the filter of your liver or detoxify your liver? The answer should be very rarely or never. But, let me ask you other than this topic. How often do you change the engine oil of your vehicle? There should be a specific rule to change the engine oil. And almost all people do follow the rule of changing engine oil regularly. After running specific kilometers, most of us change the engine oil. And that is also done in a compulsory manner, routine way. But why you should not be concerned about the liver? Whereas, the liver is taking care of more than 300 functionaries of our body's system. The most vital one among them is filtering the blood.

            Let's understand how the liver functionaries affect our complete system. Before that, you need to know, how the liver filters the blood. The liver has two portions to receive the blood supplies. One comes from the heart and lungs. And the other one comes from the intestine and stomach. The blood gets into the liver and goes through the filtering process to purify. How? The liver gets oxygen from the lungs and nutrients from the stomach or intestine. And then the fresh, strong blood comes out from the other end of the liver, with oxygen and nutrition.

            Nowadays, we unknowingly intake artificial color,  carbon dioxide, preservatives, nitrates with foods. These unwanted guests stuck onto the red blood cells. Thus, it goes down to nourish your body and absorbed by the cell. As the cell has a respiratory system, it supposed to use oxygen and nutrients to create energy for the cell. But due to those unwanted extra toxins (the food coloring), it creates shade to store that. Overtime, 5 years or more, that shed become larger than the cell's brain. This is how an autoimmune disease gets birth (Arthritis, Cancer, Allergies, Asthma, etc.).

            Also, we inhale or absorb pesticides, polluted air daily. It increases the level of toxins. And even more, it leveled up, by the use of steroids, medications, and unhealthy food choices. The habit of Smoking, over-drinking of alcohol, and not drinking fresh water, speed it up.   The liver works harder to detoxify our bodies and control healthy metabolic activity.  Level of hardness increases, due to taking synthetic, nutritional deficiencies foods, environmental pollution. An adult liver filter 1.4 liters of blood per minute.

            Why Detoxing of Your Liver is compulsory?

            Other than blood purification, the liver has to perform many other important functionaries.

            • Participating in the digestion process;
            • The supreme organ of metabolism;
            • Maintain the balance of electrolyte and fluid;
            • Leader organ for detoxification of pollutants and chemical ingredients in the body;
            • Creates bile;
            • Balance the excess hormones (like estrogen);
            • Participates in an enzyme system;
            • Stores energy in the form of glucose;
            • Store fat-soluble vitamins;
            • Transforms fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble substances, thus they eliminated easily;
            • And many more.

            Though the liver is responsible, to do all the things, it is ignored organ most of us. Then why not we should be concerned about the workability of the liver. It is worthy to become concerned about that for longer and healthier life.

            When to Detox Your liver? When did it need to cleanse the liver? 

            How will you know your liver need cleansing.

            You can't see it, you can't feel it. You may not even know where it is placed in your body, but throughout the day it is working for your body to function well. As your liver is such an important organ of your body, it is easy to realize when your liver becomes weak from toxins. You will be notified of some symptoms of liver problems, which are quite the same as these all.

            Physical symptoms:

            • Bloating and swelling of the abdomen or gaining weight around the abdomen;
            • Food allergies;
            • Skin disorders, Hives, and rashes;
            • Hay fever and Asthma;
            • Getting bad breath in the morning;
            • Feeling cold and flues as the liver is liable for the immune system;
            • Feeling discomfort and tired after eating,
            • Poor digestion;
            • Irritable bowel syndrome;
            • High blood pressure;
            • Jaundice;
            • Kidney problems;
            • Gallbladder disease;
            • Hormonal imbalance;
            • Increases cholesterol level;

            Mental symptoms:
            When to Detox Your liver

            • Loss of concentration and facing memory problems;
            • Depression;
            • Swing mood of depression and increasing anger;
            • Anxiety and frustration grow due to hormonal imbalances;
            • Feeling sluggish and exhausted;
            • Insomnia;
            • Food obesity;
            • Feeling on edge

            If you face any of the above symptoms, you should be concerned about your liver for a break. Many of the above symptoms, direct to start maintenance of your liver.

            Now I hope, you got the reason why the detoxing of the liver is important and when you start working immediately on the liver.

            How to detox your liver? Liver Cleansing Recipe.

            How to Detox the liver is the most important question, we have arrived at. Before reaching the Liver Cleansing Recipe, we have to go through some guidelines. Those are common and suggestive by most physicians. That is "A good lifestyle", which can lead your life to a healthy living, fill with energy and confidence in mind.

            But maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard to achieve in this polluted environment. We are living in the era of artificial color, flavor, and preservative. More precisely, we are living and growing with chemicals. This leads to unnecessary intakes of toxins every day, every time we eat foods.

            At least, as the first step towards Liver Cleansing Process, we can be more selective in choosing cooking oil. Make sure, your oil is 100% pure. Oil should be EOBBD tested for purity. The full form of EOBBD is "Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined ".

            If you get such 100% Pure Essential Oil, then fine, otherwise try to intake food cooked without oil. Even though, this should be your second step to follow. You may find many zero oil recipes browsing on the internet or on YouTube. Such YouTube Channel is The Low Heat and its useful Playlist to follow to learn some zero oil, healthy and tasty recipes.

            Now the final step to prepare the Basic Liver Cleansing Recipe.

            When to Detox Your liver


            1. 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil;
            2. 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil;
            3. 1 Tablespoon Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice.


            Very simple. Eat all together at a time. Or add all these in a glass of water. Drink that each morning after you rise, 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything.

            It may lead to stomach pain, at the beginning days of application, which means it is started breaking toxins fast. If such things happen, slow down. The next morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice only. Apply essential oils on the bottom of your feet. 2 days later start the same process. You need to continue this process for 28 days and then a break of 7 days. Or you can take that drink for 6 days, and one day off. You may need to continue this liver cleansing process for a year or so, depending on the conditions of the liver.


            My personal experience, Suggestion, and Review

            I also suffered a lot due to the fatty liver. Felt back pain several times. Gone for the physician consultation. His suggestions were not to eat deep-fried foods. Medication was recommended by the doctor. And to measure the progress, I had to go through several costly tests. Blood tests and USG, were done several times, maintaining a month or two-month gap to measure the progress. The second suggestion was not to consume alcohol, but couldn't provide any sure-shot diet pack. Progress was near to nothing, in spite of having all medication as prescribed by the doctor.

            Once, at the time of USG process, the specialist Doctor of USG, told me not to waste money on these tests every month. Leading a healthy lifestyle only can reverse the fatty liver. Then I started browsing about Fatty Liver and all about this. Finally, I stumbled upon this product which saved my life.

            How to overcome Fatty Liver in Just 3 Steps, This is the most easy and simple process to follow and reverse the Fatty Liver. Watch the video to know more.

            How to overcome Fatty Liver in Just 3 Steps

            These were already proven methods and experienced by many in practice. I was shocked while going through the program. All are natural and homemade. I realized the cause of my liver problem was not what I was drinking; in fact, it was what I was eating. The program was easy and simple to follow.

            Finally, I found a reason to celebrate. I can eat selectively and live a long and healthier life.
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