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How to Prevent Aging | 20 Anti Aging foods to intake

We almost try to prevent aging and for this, we willing to know those foods which have an anti-aging formula. But, aging is a process that strikes a person naturally as a person grows older. The person looks pale and even after taking various over-the-counter medications, the condition does not improve and further worsens due to side effects that crop up.

Young-looking skin is what we tend to continuously dream of! Wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines, and dark spots are the largest nightmares of anyone. Most people do not understand that taking natural remedies for anti-aging not only paves the way for better healing of the condition but also as most of these measures are so easily available, people do not value them as to be viable.

Prevent aging with these Anti-aging foods

    As you age, it’s vital to extend medicinal drug foods like fruit, vegetables, and oily fish, and limit pro-inflammatory foods like meat, processed foods, and refined sugars. Leslie motion, a Toronto-based registered nutritionist and author of Leslie Beck’s Longevity Diet says: the ability of Food to Slow Aging and Maintain Optimum Health and Energy.

    As far as the condition of aging to heal, it's the food that matters the most. Natural remedies for anti-aging shall be of great help. Some foods as natural remedies for anti-aging.

    Prevent aging with these Anti-aging foods

    Foods are our main source to get the energy to carry out daily functions in the healthiest manner and not only they help us stay healthy but also help us treating and curing various ailments.

    In the same context, some foods when taken the way they should be could act as better natural remedies for anti-aging. We will see some of the top-rated foods to get rid of all aging-related blemishes.

    These 5 Anti Aging Vegetables Can Help

    A vegetarian diet is always high in benefits and it should be included in a daily diet regimen to reap benefits of all types. Vegetables are extremely high in antioxidant content and that goes to a large extent to abolish radicals from skin and wrinkles. Among vegetables, these 5 can be taken to slow down the aging factors in our body.


    Green leafy veggies such as Spinach are one such magical food to include. Spinach is the best source of zeaxanthin, lutein, and nutrients that help our body to make up in the part of the retina. Thus, it soaks up the harmful light before it can do any harmful and effective damage. For additional anti-aging ingredients, spinach can be taken by cooking or just boiling with salad.


    Cauliflower has a group of potential ingredients known as Glucosinolates. As we chew and digest it, these potent substances break down and convert into various compounds, which help prevent cancer. These compounds help protect cells from any sort of damages and have anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects.


    Similar to cauliflower, Broccoli is filled with high anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-bacterial inflammatory effects. Broccoli is highly rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, which are the best anti-oxidants, which helps our skin to fight against wrinkles. Actually, vitamin C is the most supportive element for skin nourishment. Eating broccoli, raw or steamed makes better results for the skin, or you may include this in the salad.

    Sweet Potato: 

    Sweet Potato
    Sweet potato is packed with Vitamin A, which helps our skin to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. By intaking sweet potatoes, we help our skin to revitalize the damaged collagen. Not only sweet potatoes, but other foods rich in vitamin A can also create the same result get glowing skin.


    This inexperienced vegetable is filled with vitamin K, potassium, and carotenoid that help maintains healthy bones and vision, and keep pressure levels in restraint.

    These 4 Fruits are real Anti Aging ingredients

    Fruits are also very rich in antioxidants that keep away the problems of radicals, pimples, wrinkles, and other blemishes at bay. It would be better to include Oranges, Berries of all types, Papaya to pamper your skin with all basic nutrients to stay young and blemish-free.


    Oranges are packed with water and vitamin C. Water keeps hydrate our skin and cells. Vitamin C helps to glow skin, by helping to make collagen.


    Strawberries are rich in ellagic acid, which helps us to protect the skin against Ultra Violet damage. Its content (ellagic acid) stops the enzymes that contribute to collagen destruction. Hence, spinach salad topping with strawberries will be very meaningful and attractive. 
    Not only strawberries, any kind of berries, like Blueberries and Blackberries help our skin to anti-aging and longevity. 


    Anti-aging Papaya
    Anti-aging Papaya
    Include the papaya in your regular diet, let the papaya pamper your skin. Papaya has a wide range of antioxidants, which help to fight our skin free radical damage and also helps delay aging. Papaya also enriched with a type of enzyme, which called papain. Papain acts as nature's best anti-inflammatory agent, and provides an additional benefit of anti-aging.


    Anti-aging Avocado
    Anti-aging Avocado
    Avocado is a fruit that's blessed with special nutritive content to be eaten only for its ability to keep people away from aging early. It has anti-aging properties with great antioxidants and Vitamin E and Potassium content to keep people away from aging.

    Eat Nuts as Anti Aging Foods


    Among nuts, especially

    Eat nuts as anti-aging foods
    Eat nuts as anti-aging foods
     almonds are a great source of vitamin E, which surely helps repair skin tissue and hydrate skin as well. It protects skin from damaging Ultra Violet rays.


    Walnuts even contain anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that may help: strengthen skin cell membranes.

    Even other nuts of all types easily are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty and Vitamin E acid revitalize the skin and keep your skin fresh and damage old cells, so include them in your diet as well.

    4 Fishes as Anti-aging foods:4 Fishes as Anti-aging foods

    If you are a non-veg lover, you could concentrate more on Fish to get omega-3 fatty acids to stay always young. Among all fish, Salmon, Sardines, Trout, and Mackerel are mostly oily fish. These fishes are filled with anti-inflammatory fatty acids called omega-3. In fact, these important fats are highly potential to membranes the cells and make the cells healthier, thus resulting in that our skin becomes smooth and soft. Not only for the skin, but these fatty acids also help to maintain healthy, flexible joints and cognitive functions.

    Beans as Anti Aging Foods

    Anti-aging foods - Beans
    Anti-aging foods - Beans

    Keep your stores stocked with black beans – their slow-digesting plant macromolecule, fiber, and high antioxidants can facilitate slow the aging method. Not only black beans, red beans, and all types of beans are anti-aging starts for their high antioxidant level. Beans are a good source of protein, which helps regulate blood sugar and also helps cholesterol down. Also, beans are packed with potassium and magnesium, which are essential elements to heal our skin. 

    Anti-aging - Green Tea
    Anti-aging - Green Tea

    Green tea acts as an Anti-Aging Drink 

    This liquid is often enjoyed hot or cold. Either way, it’s packed with flavonoids that will shield against heart conditions and sure cancers. It contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG that fights against the DNA damage from Ultra Violet rays to prevent skin cancer. That does mean it's also a potential element against anti-aging ingredients. 

    >>> Follow this post to understand How to make a Homemade Oatmeal Face pack for glowing skin <<<

    Taking whole grain foods and garlic could be other natural remedies for anti-aging. For more such useful tips and guidelines you may follow this link for the shake of blossoming your skin against early aging.

    This is how you can delay aging by including these anti-aging foods in your diet list. Find a list of 20 potential foods to prevent aging earlier.

    Our skin is the first organ of our body to show internal problems. If we feed our body with potential nutrition like antioxidants, healthy fats, water, vitamins, and other micronutrients, our body will appreciate that pampering, and the resulting that glowing results will be visible in our largest organ - skin. 

    Hence, why wait and why not adopt these food types as natural remedies for anti-aging now and stay agile, fresh, young, and free from all kinds of related blemishes. Best of luck!

    Summary: List of Anti Aging Foods

    1. Spinach
    2. Cauliflower
    3. Broccoli
    4. Sweet Potato
    5. Kale
    6. Orange
      4 Fishes as Anti-aging foods:
    7. Strawberries
    8. Blueberries
    9. Blackberries
    10. Papaya
    11. Avocado
    12. Almonds
    13. Walnuts
    14. Salmon Fish
    15. Sardines Fish
    16. Trout Fish
    17. Mackerel Fish
    18. Black Beans
    19. Red Beans
    20. Green Tea

    Apart from these natural remedies, one can also try natural herbal products such as "Skintight" serum to uplift skin health.

    Skintight" serum to uplift skin health

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    Facepack for Glowing Skin | How to make Homemade Oatmeal Face pack

    Oatmeal doesn’t only start your day as a mouthwatering, healthy breakfast, it’s lots to supply your skin moreover. It acts as Facepack for glowing skin always.

    Facepack for Glowing Skin - How to make Homemade Oatmeal Face pack.

    The granular texture of oats makes it a beautiful natural scrub. Cleaning alone could be a solution to multiple skin issues. From oily skin, blemish symptoms, oatmeal face packs will cure it all.
    Let’s take a fast look at the assorted face packs you’ll be able to prepare on your own at your home with oats for truthful skin. Oats aren’t only sensible for health, however, also helps for various skin types within the type of skin-lightening oatmeal face pack.

    Lemon juice Oatmeal Facepack for Glowing Skin

    Lemon juice Oatmeal Facepack for Glowing Skin

    Ingredients for Homemade Face Pack:

    3 tablespoons oatmeal
    Squeeze fresh juice from 2 lemons
    1 tablespoon vegetable oil


    Grind the oatmeal into fine powder. And add the extracted juice and vegetable oil. See to that that the pack is good and moist. It shouldn’t look dry. Apply the pack everywhere on your face and neck and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. The extra virgin oil helps the skin to stay moist, lemon and oatmeal help in exfoliating the skin thereby deed it supple, swish, and hydrated. This pack can yield smart results if used regularly.

    Oatmeal and Rosewater Face pack For Glowing Skin

    Oats pack for truthful skin helps to rejuvenate your skin and races circulation method, tightens it, and also cleanses the complete face. Face packs also are helpful to require out impurities, dead cuticle cells, and impurities from your skin pores.

    Oatmeal and Rosewater Face pack For Glowing Skin

    Ingredients For Home Made Face Pack:

    2 tablespoons of oatmeal
    1 tablespoon of honey
    1 tablespoon of rose water


    Blend the oatmeal and honey along and add rose water to that. Apply this pack everywhere on your face and neck and leave it on for about ten minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water.

    Homemade Oatmeal Facepack for glowing skin with Milk

    Are you uninterested in attempting out countless means that to repair the skin condition scars and unsuccessful every single time? If yes, then it’s time to change your pack. Do this pack for best results, we tend to assure you won’t regret your call.

    Homemade Oatmeal Facepack for glowing skin with Milk

    Ingredients to make Face pack home:

    3 tablespoons of oatmeal
    The required amount of water or milk


    Take three tablespoons of half a cup of oatmeal and cook it in almost double the amount of water (which means that if you’re taking ½ cup oatmeal take one cup of water). It’s suggested that you just use milk for higher results, however, if you are doing not want to use milk then you’ll be able to replace it with water. Cook this mixture for 10-15 minutes until it gets nice and soft. Enable it to cool down for five minutes, whereas it’s still lukewarm apply the mixture everywhere on your face and neck and leave it for half-hour. Then wash it with lukewarm water. This pack is extraordinarily sensible for those that have oily skin. The pack can be used each single to realize faster results.

    Note: don’t use the pack where it’s still hot, doing this can solely worsen the skin condition.

    Curd and Oatmeal Facepack for Glowing skin

    Oats can even be accustomed get eliminate giant pores on your skin. Oats and curd along are understood to figure wonders on your skin by changing the pores.

    Curd and Oatmeal Facepack for Glowing skin

    Ingredients homemade facepack:

    3 tablespoon oatmeal
    1 or two tablespoons of plain curd


    Take regarding 3tablespoons of oatmeal and grind it into a fine paste by adding curd to that. Apply this pack everywhere on your face, particularly over square measure the world wherever there are massive pores. Let the pack cover the pores. Enable it to dry for about 15 minutes then wash it off with cold water. This pack 2-3 times every week can facilitate in obtaining eliminate even the massive pores on your skin. It positively values a try of the oats pack for fair skin.

    Almonds, Lemon, and Oats Face Pack for skin fairness

    Almonds, Lemon, and Oats Face Pack for skin fairness

    Ingredients homemade face pack:

    Lemon Juice


    Take all the ingredients and mix them into a fine paste by adding the needed amount of water. Apply this put on your face and neck and leave it to dry. Currently, dab a cotton bud in cold milk and extremely slowly wipe the pack with the cotton bud. Once you wipe out the pack, wash your face with cold water. This pack helps attain smooth, silky, supple, and perfect skin among days. Oatmeal is accepted as a very helpful grain. That contains all necessary nutrients to benefit the physical body. It’s one
    ingredient that helps in losing weight, haircare, skincare, etc. It should positively be taken as an important part of one’s daily diet.

    Blend of Oats & Multani mitti Facepack for glowing skin

    Blend of Oats & Multani mitti Facepack for glowing skin

    Fuller’s earth and oatmeal pack for skin whitening. It’s not a really simple task to clean the face while not deed it dirty. Individuals usually place an excessive amount of pressure whereas scrub that even worsens the condition. This pack consists of Multani mitti, mashed avocado, milk, almond paste together with oatmeal powder. For beautiful, supple, moisturized skin, no other pack will be pretty much as good as this; the Multani mitti is there to present you a cooling impact. Take a container and blend these ingredients along. Apply nicely. Clean the face with cold water if it dries.

    Facepack using Wheat powder and Oats

    Facepack using Wheat powder and Oats

    The wheat powder is a superb ingredient to keep off the heartrending signs of aging, i.e., wrinkles, fine lines. The addition of oats can facilitate in shedding off the dead skin cells, that produce a layer of oil and impurities on your face creating it seem blemished and tired. To save lots of yourself from this nightmare, in conjunction with these 2 ingredients, you will also want one teaspoon of oil and milk cream for skin whitening. The later ones can facilitate to form the skin baby soft and can lock the wet. The mix of these ingredients along to create a paste. Rub it on your face. It’ll take 20 minutes to dry. Wash it after with lukewarm water.

    A Homemade Facepack using almonds and oats for glowing skin

    A Homemade Facepack using almonds and oats for glowing skin

    Oats pack for fair skin and to treat dry skin is feasible together with almonds. This pack is an uncomparable hit for healing all dry skin connected issues which as itchiness, red rashes, inflammation. You may need oats, almonds, some honey, and yogurt to form the bottom. All ingredients are very helpful for the skin. Whereas the almond could be a made supply of vitamin E that is nice nourishment for the skin, the anti-microbial properties of honey treat all the burn scars and yogurt replenishes the skin cells. Crush the almonds and then add all the rest ingredients one by one into a bowl. Mix it well and scrub your face gently with it.  And after 10 minutes,  wash it off with cold water.

    Skincare with papaya and oatmeal face pack for glowing skin

    The papaya has been enclosed during this pack to wash the pores and provides your skin the glow and radiance it deserves.

    Skincare with papaya and oatmeal face pack for glowing skin

    The ingredients you’ll like for this pack square measure papaya, two tablespoons of oats together with one tablespoon of sweet almond oil. At first, mash the papaya to prepare the base paste. Then grind the oats during a mixer grinder. During an instrumentality combine 2 of those along. Add a few drops of sweet almond oil to finish the procedure. Note that sweet almond oil will be replaced with olive or coconut oil as well. You’ll add a bit of water to keep up the consistency. Then use this facepack to wash your face gently. Repetition of this technique twice per week can guarantee the lightening of your skin tone.

    Nourish the skin – Kiwi and oats Facepack for glowing skin

    Kiwi may be a standard ingredient of uncounted fruit masks and face packs because of its moisturizing properties and nutrition contents. 

    Nourish the skin – Kiwi and oats Facepack for glowing skin

    Together with oats, it makes a pack of wholesome goodness. Excluding these two, you’ll also like some spoonful of honey and curd for this pack. Mix all these ingredients together, to make a thick paste. Apply it everywhere on the skin with gentle circular strokes avoiding the area. When it dries, wash it with water. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer instantly when washing. Try this easy and simple face pack home care.

    Note:- Very important note for all of you that, you will never gifted with Glowing skin, but you can turn it into your favor, by following any of 2 or 3 guidelines as mentioned in the post and "Homemade Facepack for glowing skin" along with a proper intake for which you can follow this super successful 21-day diet program.

    Home Made Oatmeal Face Pack with Banana

    Home Made Oatmeal Face Pack with Banana

    The ingredients for this pack square measure a banana, one cup full of oatmeal, almonds, and glycerin. To begin, initially grind the almonds and mash the banana. Combine these two along and add the remainder of the ingredients to that. Add a bit of rose water for the balance in thickness. Currently, apply this everywhere on the face and neck. It’ll take some quarter-hour to dry. Next, rinse your face with luke-warm water. Wipe your skin gently with a cotton & dry towel. This is how you can easily prepare a face pack for glowing skin at home.

    Home Made Face Pack – Combine oats with green tea

    Home Made Face Pack – Combine oats with green tea

    This corrective with the goodness of green tea, turmeric, besan (gram flour) and oats can rejuvenate your skin cells. You’ll be ready to feel the enhancements among some days of using. You’ll like a tea bag to travel ahead with the procedure on with the before-mentioned ingredients. Open the bag and take away the leaves. Put it within the actual bowl wherever the mixtures of turmeric, flour, and powdered oats have already been kept. Blend well. Use this pack each day for skin change of color. Try this as well to get a face pack for glowing skin at home.

    Hope this “Facepack for Glowing Skin – How to make Homemade Oatmeal Face pack” will be helpful for those who really intend to Get Healthy and Glowing Skin and put some effort to prepare the Oatmeal Face Pack at the home.

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